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The ancient Egyptians were very clever people. They invented many things to make their life more comfortable.

CALENDAR: The ancient Egyptians created a calendar based on the farming season. There were 3 seasons - the flooding season, the planting season, and the harvest season. Each season was 3 months long. That added up to 360 days. The ancient Egyptians noticed they needed a few more days to fit the seasons. So they added 5 days, holy days, to thank the gods. So thousands of years ago, the ancient Egyptians invented a calendar with 365 days!

Here's more inventions, to
name a few ...


Time Keeping and Shadow Clocks


Flat Roofed Homes



Unique Gods and Goddesses

A Written Language

Courts and Justice System


Square Sails

Grain Banks & Metal Weights

Number system including fractions

Shadoofs, Nilometers, and Reservoirs

Eye Makeup - Kohl

Book of the Dead

The Reconstructors (travel back in time to ancient Egypt, interactive)

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