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In the movies, you often see the ancient Egyptian civilization presented as spooky. In the movies, the people seem to be in love with death. The music is often gloomy. Scenes are poorly lit and backgrounds have a lot of black and brown colors. But the ancient Egyptians were not like that at all. They loved color. They loved bright and cheerful music. And they loved life. They loved it so much they wanted to live forever! 

The ancient Egyptians were not afraid of their gods. If they prayed to a god and their prayer was not answered, they might give the temple statue a little swat with a flower or a weed, but they were not really angry. The ancient Egyptians understood that you do not get everything you want all the time. But that did not stop them from praying for what they wanted. 

The ancient Egyptians had a lot of fun. They loved their children. They did many good deeds to keep their heart light (a very important thing to the ancient Egyptians.) They ate well. They enjoyed poetry and art and music. So don't let the movies scare you. The ancient Egyptians truly were an amazing people. We think you'll like them.  


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