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From the British Museum - Several lesson ideas, opening questions, and worksheets

These units are for younger grades, but include ideas that can be adapted for any grade

Ancient Egypt UNIT (grades 1-3)

DNile Is Where Its At! UNIT (grades 1-3)

Get Wrapped Up in Ancient Egypt UNIT (grades 1-3)

Ancient Egypt Study (grades 1-3)

More units and lessons

Ancient Egypt Thematic Unit (Univ of Kansas)

Achievements and Challenges of Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt UNIT

Essential Questions, Background, Quiz

A curator's life for me, and other lesson plans for ancient Egypt

Lesson Plans for Ancient Egypt (Mike Dowling)

List of suggested Egypt activities for the classroom

Ancient Egypt (playwriting & rivers) UNIT

Lesson Ideas

Studying Ancient Egypt

Online Theme Unit from Scholastic

Thematic Unit (ESBCO)

PRINTOUTS: Ancient Egypt Printables

From TES - Ancient Egypt

DIA, Lesson Plans for Teachers on Ancient Egypt - Math & Science lesson plans, plus others

Ancient Egypt

Egypt's Golden Empire

Egypt Bingo & Ancient Egypt Unit Test

Concluding Activities, Unit Review, Quizzes

Presentations in PowerPoint format

Free Presentations - Welcome to Ancient Egypt! (overviews)

Ancient Egypt Jeopardy Review Games in PowerPoint format

More Free Presentations in PowerPoint format by specific topic about Ancient Egypt

Lesson Ideas for Specific Topics

Geography, Gifts from the Nile

Brief History - Two Lands, King Menes, Three Kingdoms

Pharaohs, Viziers,
Officials, Professions

Religion, Gods, Funerals,
Weighing of the Heart, Afterlife


Pyramids, Tombs,
Temples, Structures

King Tutankhamen,
the Boy King

Hieroglyphics & Scribes

Daily Life, Homes,
Women, School

Art, Artifacts,
Achievements, Inventions

Egyptian Tall Tales,
Animals & Other Lesson Ideas

Concluding Activities

Interactive Quiz about Ancient Egypt (with answers)

For Kids: Learning Modules & Interactive Games about Ancient Egypt

Free Use Ancient Egypt Clip Art

Free Use Clipart about Ancient Egyptian Gods