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Famous Pharaohs



Pharaohs were the kings of ancient Egypt. A couple were women, but most pharaohs were men. 

In ancient Egypt, everything belonged to Pharaoh. The people spoke of "Pharaoh", not "the Pharaoh." 

In the beginning, the people could talk directly to Pharaoh. But as time went by, and the population grew and expanded, Pharaoh's began to rely on their viziers. The vizier was the highest rank in government, next only to the Pharaohs.

Pharaohs and Viziers - Ancient Egyptian Government 

Pharaohs (story & game)

The Pharaoh's Palace (interactive)

Rameses II (illustrated powerpoint, also spelled Ramesses) 

King Tut

A Day in the Life of a Pharaoh

What was a pharaoh?

Prepare a Pharaoh for his tomb (interactive)

Very short stories of Egyptian Kings & Queen by Mark Millmore 

65 narrated video tours - Valley of the Kings




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