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Ancient Egypt

Thanks to the movies, some people believe the ancient Egyptians were in love with death. But the ancient Egyptians were in love with life. They loved their life along the Nile so much that they wanted it to go on forever.  Much of their culture was based on that wish. They believed in an afterlife, an actual place you went each day after you died. You earned your way to your afterlife by doing a lifetime of good deeds. The more deeds you did, the happier your afterlife. If you earned it, after you died, you spent your days in your afterlife and returned to your tomb each night for a good night's sleep. The ancient Egyptians were a clever and imaginative people. They were also very practical. Everyone needs a good night's sleep - even a mummy.

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Geography of Ancient Egypt, Gifts from the Nile

Pharaohs & Other Jobs

Daily Life in Ancient Egypt

Temples and Priests - Community Centers

Hieroglyphics - the Ancient Egyptians loved to keep records

Scribes - an important job, scribes wrote everything down

The Rosetta Stone

Religion, Superstitions, Omens, Dreams

Gods and Goddesses

Making Mummies

Funerals - A Cause for Celebration

The Afterlife - A Super Neat Place

Pyramids - Pyramids fell out of style quite early

Tombs and Grave Goods - Preparing for the Afterlife

King Tut and How Carter

Arts, Artifacts, Amulets, Achievements

The Many Uses of Papyrus

Ancient Egypt - Overviews

Ancient Egypt Jeopardy Games in PowerPoint format

More about Ancient Egypt for Kids

Ancient Egyptian Interactive Games - Escape a Tomb, Write in Hierglyphics, Pack for Your Afterlife and more

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