Ancient Egypt for Kids, Achievements & Inventions Illustration

Ancient Egypt for Kids
Achievements & Inventions

What did the ancient Egyptians call the constellation we call The Big Dipper? Answer: The Hippopotamus

They made great contributions to modern mathematics. They discovered decimals, fractions, the number zero, negative numbers and even the value of Pi. They had an understanding of solid geometry and of physics and used it in their construction.

The ancient Egyptians accomplished many achievements in science, medicine, construction, astronomy, mathematics, and agriculture.

They named the constellations.

Their calendar had 365 days. It was based on the lunar cycles. They noticed that by following the lunar cycles, they would be able to farm more effectively by following three seasons - the flood season, the planting season, and the harvest season, all by using the cycles of the moon. They invented a system of irrigation to keep their crops growing. They developed an ox-drawn plow.

They built education centers in each major city. To become a scribe, a priest, or a doctor, you had to attend school in the House of Life and graduate.

Their medical knowledge was far ahead of any other ancient civilization.

They had a court system and a written language.

They were the first to developed paper, black ink, beer, and wine.   They created clocks. They created locks.

The ancient Egyptians invented many things to make their life - both at home and at work - more comfortable and more productive.

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