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Ancient Egypt Creation Stories for Kids

A creation story, also called a creation myth, is a story about how a civilization was created. In ancient Egypt, there were several popular creation stories. 

Ancient Egyptian Creation Story Myth #1: One ancient Egyptian creation story features the lotus flower, the flower that is used a great deal in ancient Egypt art and design. The ancient Egyptians believed that the entire universe was called Nun. Nun was made of nothing but water – a vast ocean. Out of Nun, there emerged a lotus flower together with a single mound of dry land. What do you think the dry land was called? If you guessed Egypt, you're right! Out of the lotus flower bloomed the sun god Atum, who job was to warm the dry land each day.

Ancient Egyptian Creation Story Myth #2: In another ancient Egyptian creation story, the god is not called Atum; he is called Ra. Each night, the lotus blossom closed, tucking Ra in for a safe and warm night’s sleep. In the morning, the lotus flower opened so that Ra could come out and play. In ancient Egypt, everybody had a job to do, including a lotus flower.

Ancient Egyptian Creation Story Myth #3: One of the most popular creation stories in ancient Egypt was The Legend of Isis and Osiris, when the earth was new and everything was just beginning.

Ancient Egyptian Creation Story Myth #4:  At first there was only Nun (animated)

Ancient Egyptian Creation Story Myth #5: Creation Myth (animated)

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