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The mummification process took about 70 days. But once a body was mummified, the funeral could be held.

Coffin: The mummy was placed in a coffin, or a series of coffins if the person was wealthy enough to afford more than one coffin. Coffins were quite elaborate. They were covered with written prayers to gods, poems of praise, colorful illustrations, and of course, the name of the deceased.

Procession: There was a procession by family and friends to the final resting place. Some grave goods would already be in the tomb, but if any grave goods had not yet been placed in the tomb, these goods were carried and arranged inside the tomb at this time.

Mourners: Family and sometimes professional mourners, wearing blue clothes, would wail and throw ash on themselves while the priests prayed at the tomb door.

Locking the Door: Finally, the mummy was placed in the tomb, and the door into the tomb was locked and sealed. Everyone went home. No one was supposed to enter the door again.

Weighing of the Heart: The gods performed the weighing of the heart ceremony (hidden from human sight).

Board Ra's Boat: If the deceased (the mummy's) heart was light, he or she then boarded Ra's heavenly boat and sailed away to join Osiris in the shining land of the Two Fields for eternity.

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