Ancient Egypt for Kids - Furniture Illustration

Ancient Egypt for Kids

The ancient Egyptians made furniture for their homes and their tombs! Furniture in ancient Egypt was very well made. It was also comfortable. European furniture, later on in time, used designs from the ancient Egyptians. Designers today are still using the beautiful furniture designs created by the ancient Egyptians.

Nobles: Nobles had beds and mattresses. They had bed frames. They used chairs. Most chairs did not have arms, but some chairs were shaped like thrones. Some chairs were upholstered with leather to make them a comfortable place to sit. They also used tables. Most tables were low and had low stools around them. Stool seats were sometimes upholstered as well. 

Poor: Nothing stopped the poor in ancient Egypt from having furniture. They were free to make furniture for their family and homes if they had time and materials. Some made quite comfortable furniture. But many used mats as beds, because they preferred to sleep outside, on the flat roofs of their homes, to enjoy the cool evening breeze.

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