Free Online Ancient Egypt Interactive Games and Activities for Kids Illustration

Free Online Interactive Ancient Egypt Games and Activities for Kids

Try your hand at some free interactive online games and activities and enjoy cartoons about ancient Egypt. (Flash games have been removed.) Have fun!

The Tutankhamun Mask Caper - A free online Where on Google Earth is Carmen Sandiego game

The hieroglypic typewritter - interactive

Write your name in Egyptian hieroglypics - interactive

Game interactive: Write like a scribe

Game interactive: Crack the hieroglyphic code

Ancient Egypt vocabulary games

Interactive, online: Doodle and paint the Sphinx, a scribe, cities and the Nile River, chariots (click on the small picture to find images of ancient Egypt)

Board games originated in ancient Egypt - play the Goose Game with modern day numbers - interactive

Checkers interactive, an ancient Egyptian game

Tic-Tac-Toe can be traced back to around 1300 BCE in ancient Egypt, interactive game

Play Marble Count - An ancient Egyptian game with modern numbers

The Meaning of Beep: Mummies game

Snakes and Ladders game

Egyptian mummies - Play read the CT scan game - interactive

Can you rearrange the King Tut puzzle? (interactive game)

Play the amulet matching game - interactive

Hounds and Jackals (Snakes and Ladders) interactive

Ancient Egyptian number puzzles

Play the Lotus game - interactive

Find the Pharaoh's fragment game - interactive 

Take the ancient Egyptian quiz - are you fit to rule as a pharaoh or are you a peasant?

Game interactive: It's time to pack your lunch bag

What was life like for the ancient Egyptians? - houses, food, cartoon, activities

Daily Life in Ancient Egypt, interactive

Can you name the farming seasons in ancient Egypt? (interactive game)

Game: The Market Stall

Can you name these Egyptian gods? (interactive game)

Stories about Ancient Egypt, some animated

What happened to the ancient Egyptians? (quick history for kids, animated cartoon and two activities)

Funny Fill-in, Museum Madness

Ancient Egypt - Flng the Teacher game

Ancient Egypt - each one is neat, scroll down for the games for kids

Ancient Egypt, Walk the Plank game, interactive

Interactive Quiz about Ancient Egypt (with answers)  

Discovering Ancient Egypt (Mark Millmore) - this has everything, videos, games and more

Ancient Egypt Jeopardy Games

Deep in the Tombs of Egypt


Ancient Egypt Review Game (printout, free from teachers pay teachers)

Ancient Egypt, anagram and crossword, free download (school history)

Ancient Egypt word search, free download (school history)

How to:

How to play the ancient game of Senet (youtube) - Senet is the game of passing through the Netherworld

Make your own treasure tomb, make your own cartouche pencil case, see real artifacts

Make your own Mehen board (printout game)

Make your own King Tut mask (printout)