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In ancient Egypt, the head of both religion and government was Pharaoh. The ancient Egyptians loved life. They wanted to live forever. Their religion was wrapped around the idea that they could, in fact, live forever if they kept their hearts light and managed to cross the horrible underworld, filled with monsters, to reach the netherworld, a magical place along the Nile, where little clay statues of people, about 3 inches high, did all the work for them.  It took planning to reach the netherworld, their afterlife. That's one of the reasons they made mummies - so they would look really good when they reached the Two Fields (the magical place along a magical Nile River.)  As you have probably guessed by now, the ancient Egyptians were firm believers in magic.

Meet the Many Gods & Goddesses of Ancient Egypt




Preparing for the Afterlife

Weighing of the Heart

Grave Goods

Book of the Dead

Canopic Jars (also spelled Canpic)

Sequence Chain: Mummification

Make a Mummy interactive

Sequence Chain: Funerals



The Ba and the Ka



King Tut's Tomb

Howard Carter

Grave Robbers

The Mummy's Curse and Other Curses

The Sphinx

The Ankh - Key of Life

Magic and Superstitions

Dreams & Oracles

Bark and Bark Shrines

Many Religious and Joyous Festivals

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