Ancient Egypt for Kids - Hair Styles Illustration

Ancient Egypt for Kids
Hair Styles

The men were clean-shaven. They used well-made razors.

  • Upper Class: Both men and women wore wigs. Men wore short wigs. Women wore long wigs. They did not like graying hair or baldness. Wigs hid these problems. Wigs also helped to keep them cool. The ancient Egyptians placed perfumed cones on their heads made of grease under the wigs. The heat of the day melted the cones, and allowed the oily grease to run down their neck and back. Wigs and perfumed cones worked like sun screening lotion. The ancient Egyptians bathed every day. They washed the grease off at night and replaced it with a fresh cone the next morning. Men wore false beards on occasion.

  • Lower Class: Girls wore pigtails. Boys shaved their heads. The men and many women wore short hair cuts. Some women wore their hair long and wrapped up, but short hair was easier to clean and much cooler.





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