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Ancient Egypt for Kids
Achievements & Inventions

One invention the ancient Egyptians did not have in the age of pyramids was the wheel!

Here are some inventions they did have:

Time Keeping, Shadow Clocks

Calendars - Growing Season Calendars and Lucky and Unlucky Day calendars

Medicines - many, one papyrus found had a list of 800 ailments and the medicines to treat them

A Written Language

Courts and Justice System


Papyrus for paper and ink

Flat Roofed Homes

Things for their homes - Furniture

Square Sails for safer and faster sailing

Grain Banks & Metal Weights

Number system including fractions

Agriculture - Shadoofs, Nilometers, and Reservoirs

Building skills, a knowledge of solid geometry that they used to build big pyramids and smaller homes

They invented board games including a type of chess, checkers, and tic-tac-toe

Dentists, toothpaste and breath mints

Eye Makeup (Kohl), Wigs, and Barbers

Gorgeous jewelry and other crafted objects made of metal

Perfume and a wax cone delivery system

Mummification and a knowledge of human anatomy

Unique Gods and Goddesses



Magic and Spells

Games! - The ancient Egyptians loved games. They invented quite a few including bowling and marbles!

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