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Lesson Activity Idea: Plan out a daily schedule. Pick anyone of any wealth or occupation or age, man or woman in ancient Egypt

Lesson Activity Idea: Design your dream home - draw it and explain what each room is for, add embellishments like flowers and ramps

Lesson Activity Idea: Advertise the goods you have for sale in your stall in the marketplace - include prices in debens

Lesson Activity Idea: The Grouch - Write a diary excerpt complaining about everything that is wrong in your life! Then plan how you can entice someone to help you and convince them its a good deed, and/or head for the marketplace to find what you need to fix it. Don't forget to buy a spell or two. (Individual project or small group)

Lesson Activity Idea: Have each student write their own story about a day in Ancient Egypt. Their story must be at least 5 paragraphs long. They will write as if they were telling about their own life in Egypt over the course of one day. They can not be the pharaoh, a king or queen, or a god. They can be a priest, worker, soldier, merchant, slave, or visitor. They can work alone or in small groups. When working in groups, each student must turn in their own original work, but students stories must mesh and intertwine. When working in groups, students are encouraged to know each in ancient times. Information on ancient Egypt daily life may be found here: Daily Life Ancient Egypt.

A Day in the Life of an ancient Egyptian (pbs, small group activity, several days)

Stump the Audience, 1-2 class periods (Donn)

Overviews & Units - lots of lessons on daily life included with other lessons plans for ancient Egypt

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Daily Life in Ancient Egypt




The Marketplace

Education, School  and The House of Life

Ancient Egypt for Kids

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