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Lesson Idea: One Of These Things Is Not Like Another, small group activity, contest, 1-2 class periods - Have each group create a list of all the things a pharaoh has that others in ancient Egypt do not. That includes what he carries, what he is wearing, where he lives, etc. Then have a contest, having each group read their list. Announce the winner of the group with the best list. Then have each group create a colorful and illustrated poster for display with a title (past names: Pharaoh Power, The Big Guy, The One and Only, The Deben Stops Here.) One year, one group listed NO BILLS. They thought for sure they had won, but pharaohs did pay for what they wanted, mostly in grain, but also in goods and in debens. So don't let them make their posters until the contest is over. Encourage them to add items from other groups that they might have missed, but only if they wish. The posters made a great classroom display. Some were displayed in the hallway on the way to my room, which was really great. That is coveted space in nearly every school. I made a top piece to put above the posters in the hallway that said: What did pharaohs have that other ancient Egyptians did not?

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