Magic in Ancient Egypt - Magical Cats, Magical Bricks, Magical Amulets, Magical Spells and More Illustration

Ancient Egypt for Kids
Magic was real to the ancient Egyptians

In ancient Egypt, magic and medicine overlapped. The ancient Egyptians believed in spells and in medicine. They used both to solve their problems. They might chant a magical spell they bought in the marketplace, and swallow medicine they bought from a different vendor, to solve the same problem.

They believed magical spells would give them good luck or help their lovelife. 

They believed cats had magical powers. All homes had a cat to protect the home and the children within.

They believed amulets had magical powers to protect and bring good luck. All ancient Egyptians carried and wore amulets. No one left home without an amulet or two.

They believed gods had the magical ability to communicate with them through their dreams. They believed dreams could foretell the future.

They believed spells from The Book of the Dead would help them travel through the dangerous underworld and safely reach their afterlife.

They believed the little clay figures of people they made as part of their gravegoods would travel with them to their afterlife, then come magically alive and do all the work for them.

They believed in curses and omens and magical powers, all of which were an important part of their daily life and religion.

Book of the Dead

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