Ancient Egypt - Mummies Lesson Plan for Elementary and Middle School Teachers Illustration

Ancient Egypt
Mummies for Teachers

Mummies and the Afterlife
Lesson Plan, Classroom Activities, Games
Time frame: 2 class periods (55 minutes each)


Class Activity: Hand out Mummies or How to Live Forever

  • Read
  • Answer questions
  • Discuss answers. Review what ancient Egyptians believed about the afterlife.

Group Activity:

  • Hand out magazine articles and/or printout available online about mummification to each group. Read the magazine article or printout. Have them read the section on mummification in their textbook.
  • Compare to the original hand out Mummies or How to Live Forever.
  • Work in groups to identify the procedure used by the Egyptians to mummify a body. Handout Mummification Sequence for Kids
  • If you can use the internet, play some Mummy games
  • Compare the different sources of information and evaluate the material.  Share your group findings with the class.

Individual Activity:

  • Write a short eulogy for your choice of "deceased" ancient Egyptian. The person may be a woman or a man, a pharaoh, a royal, or a peasant.
  • Give details about your relationship to that person
  • How would the "deceased" like to be remembered

Embalming & Wrapping & Burial

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