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The poor placed the bodies of their dead relatives out in the desert sand. The bodies dried naturally in the sun. That was a perfectly good system. It assured the dead a place in the afterlife (provided their heart was light from doing lots of good deeds while they were alive, and their name was written down somewhere) and they did not have to pay for an expensive mummification process. The rich could afford to be more fussy. They hired professional mummy makers to help them look their very best.

For Kids: Here are some mummy games and interactives to help you learn more about ancient Egyptian mummies. Have fun!

Make a Mummy and Prepare a Pharaoh for his tomb (interactive)

You Wouldn't Want To Be An Egyptian Mummy - interactive

Mummies Simulation Game - the Mummy Maker (interactive)

Embalm a Mummy (magic book)

Mummies and the Underworld Challenge (interactive)

Egyptian mummy (flash, Smithsonian)

Make a Mummy (interactive, give it time to load, flash,

Mummies - Magic School Bus (interactive)

9 Clues in the Tomb

Mummy Blaster (flash)

The Monsterland Tale (lego)

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