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Ancient Egypt for Kids
Myths and Legends

The ancient Egyptians gods were very different from the gods in other ancient civilizations. For one thing, most their gods had animal heads or blue skin or something that set them apart from people. There were over 2,000 gods in ancient Egypt. That left lots of room for lots of stories and myths and tall tales about their many gods. Here are just a few of them:

Ancient Egypt Creation Stories - Nun, Nut, Atum, Ra, Osiris, Isis

The Legend of Isis and Osiris

The Myth of Isis (animated, video)

Death of Osiris (animated, video)

What did the ancient Egyptians believe in? and cartoon

Can you name these Egyptian gods? (interactive game)

Ancient Egyptian Tall Tales - Curse of the Gods

The Egyptian Creation Myth (animated, youtube)

Mehetra, Young Priestess, the TimeKeeper

Meet the Many Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Egypt

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Ancient Egypt for Kids