Ancient Egypt for Kids  - A Pharaoh's Palace Illustration

Ancient Egypt for Kids
Pharaohs Palaces

A pharaoh's palace referred to a complex of main buildings and outbuildings. The temples were made out of stone. But palaces were made of mud and sun dried brick.

The palaces were rarely robbed. That's because there were people, guards, and activity in the palace complex all the time. (The temples, on the other hand, were robbed for the valuables they held, and sometimes robbed of the stones with which they were built.)

The palace was not a fortress. It was a complex - a home. The palace was a busy place. Some parts of a palace might be connected with a bridge. But mostly, people walked around. There were many storerooms. There were also homes and many gardens and many pieces of gorgeous art.

Each palace had a window somewhere that was used as an appearance window. This is the window at which the pharaoh would appear for ceremonies and awards, and to welcome foreign visitors.

People referred to Pharaoh, not "the" pharaoh, but simply as Pharaoh. There was only one pharaoh (at a time) and in ancient Egypt, and one pharaoh's palace at a time. When a new pharaoh came to power, a new palace complex might be built, or not. It was up to Pharaoh. Everything in ancient Egypt automatically belonged to the pharaoh. It was simply a question of where the new pharaoh wanted to establish his (or her) main home.

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