Pharaohs Fun House, Concluding Activity for Ancient Egypt for Teachers Illustration

Pharaohs Fun House, Ancient Egypt Concluding Activity for Teachers

Pharaoh’s Fun House Games
Concluding Group Activity Instructions

There are no prizes to win in these games.
Games are played for fun, as games were played in ancient Egypt.

Assign each group a station (one game). Let the groups create their game. Make sure your groups are large enough so that two kids man the game while the other team members play the other games. Get a bell or a signal to have them return to base and switch players. Each game must have an explanation poster to present the history and meaning behind their game. If it's Toss the Mummy in the Tomb, for example, they need to present to the players a quick expanation of mummies and tombs in ancient Egypt. Create the games in the classroom. You can play in the classroom, or if you have multiple classes studying the ancients, you might want to see if the school will allow you to use an empty space to set up the activity so that all classes can participate in the same space. You may have duplication on games, but that's fine. Each game will be uniquely the groups, so it works. With the school's permission, you might want to invite other grades and/or families to visit Pharaoh's Fun House. Here are some game ideas:

Toss the Mummy in the Tomb

  • Draw a large pyramid on posterboard. Cut a hole for the door.
  • Make beanbag mummies using felt. You’ll need at least 10 beanbags. Fill with beans or paper.
  • Design your mummies with magic markers or glued on designs.
  • Game Play: Give each player 1 beanbag. They must toss the beanbag through the tomb door and land on the other side to win.

Knock the Nose off the Sphinx

  • Draw a picture of the Sphinx in side view.
  • Cut a hole for the nose.
  • Put a block of Styrofoam where the nose should be. You may prop the nose in place or balance it.
  • Over game play, the Styrofoam will begin to fall apart. Have spare noses ready.
  • Bring in or make lightweight balls.
  • Game Play: Give each students 2 balls to try and knock the nose off the Sphinx

Circle the Obelisk (ring toss)

  • Use Styrofoam to make a pair of obelisks. Secure to a heavy base so that they will not fall over during play. A good base to use is a highway cone. Check with the gym. They may be able to loan you what you need. If you use a highway cone, you may also choose to simply decorate construction paper, and cover the marker.
  • Make rings. Twist paper and glue the ends, or use rope if your obelisks are sturdy enough.
  • Game Play: Give each player three rings. They must toss a ring around each obelisk to win.

Scarab Scatter:

  • Use poker chips.
  • Draw scarabs on them with magic marker.
  • Draw circles on a piece of posterboard just a big larger than the poker chips.
  • Design the posterboard with hieroglyphics around the outside edge.
  • Game Play: Give each player 5-6 chips. Have them toss the chips onto the paper all at once. Did any completely land inside a circle? If so, you have a winner!

Put the Crock in a Pot:

  • Make crocodiles out of clothespins – one pin per crocodile.
  • Design with magic markers
  • Make or use a variety of bottles and jars with different size openings. Design the bottles by designing construction paper and wrapping it around each bottle.
  • Game Play: Give each player 2 crocks and a choice of bottles. One crocodile in a little bottle wins, as does 2 crocodiles in a big bottle.
  • One method that works well is to have students put one knee on a chair and drop clothespins from the height of the back of the chair.

Here are some more ideas:

  • The Hippo Hop (better known as an endurance course)
  • Draw Like an Egyptian
  • Write Your Name in Hieroglyphics.
  • Egyptian Face Painting (kohl eyes)
  • Fishing in the Nile (catch Styrofoam fish in a bucket or tub or kids pool. Mark some fish with the word WINNER. The rest are too small and will have to be tossed back in. Keep changing the fish around, pulling some and putting new ones back in. This will keep the game lively as wear and tear quickly shows players which fish are the winners.
  • If you have enough room, you can set up a maze and Escape from the Mummy's Tomb
  • Decode a Rosetta Stone (handout puzzle that kids can turn in to the Rosetta booth)
  • Design a cartouche