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Free Use Powerpoints for Ancient Egypt

This is a collection of hundreds of presentations in PowerPoint format online about ancient Egypt for kids and teachers, organized by topic, and written by teachers.

Interactive Powerpoints about Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt Powerpoint interactive

3D animation of ancient Egypt in Powerpoint format

Traditional Free Use Presentations in PowerPoint format about Ancient Egypt - these can be downloaded and used as is, or altered by you, for use in the classroom. The can also be viewed online

Geography of Ancient Egypt, Gifts from the Nile

The Nile River

Pharaohs & Other Jobs

Daily Life in Ancient Egypt

Temples and Priests - Community Centers

Hieroglyphics - the Ancient Egyptians loved to keep records

Scribes - an important job, scribes wrote everything down

The Rosetta Stone

Religion, Superstitions, Omens, Dreams

Gods and Goddesses

Ancient Egyptian Afterlife

Making Mummies

Funerals - A Cause for Celebration

Pyramids - Pyramids fell out of style quite early

Tombs and Grave Goods

King Tut and How Carter

Arts, Artifacts, Amulets, Achievements

The Many Uses of Papyrus

Farming in Ancient Egypt (and more!)

Ancient Egypt - Overviews

Ancient Egypt Jeopardy Games in PowerPoint format

Ancient Egypt for Kids

Ancient Egyptian Interactive Games - Escape a Tomb, Write in Hierglyphics, Pack for Your Afterlife and more

Ancient Egypt for Kids - Learn why the ancient Egyptians wore perfumed cones on their heads, What did the ancient Egyptians do for a toothache? Come meet the ancient Egyptians

Free Use Clipart for Ancient Egypt - dress up your homework

Ancient Egypt for Teachers

Ancient Egypt Lesson Plans and Units

Ancient Egypt Activities and Projects