Ancient Egypt for Kids - The Scarab Beetle Illustration

Ancient Egypt for Kids
Scarab Beetle

The image of what insect was worn as a ring in ancient Egypt? Answer: A scarab (dung beetle)

The ancient Egyptians used symbols in their art and religion. One symbols was that of the common scarab bug, a beetle found all over ancient Egypt. The scarab bug symbolized the restoration of life.

The scarab was a popular design for good luck charms, for seals used to stamp documents, and for jewelry made from clay or precious gems. Some had inscriptions, like the owners name or a brief message like "congratulations on your new child".

The rich colors used in the scarab design had meaning. Red signified the god, Ra. Touches of yellow were used to symbolize the sun and the desert. Blue symbolized the Nile. Green was the symbol for growth.

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