Ancient Egypt for Kids - Stories, Myths, and Legends Illustration

Ancient Egypt for Kids
Stories, Myths, and Legends

Like people everywhere, the ancient Egyptians loved stories. Some of their stories were scary! Some were funny. Some were about animals. Some were warnings! Some were stories about their many (many!) gods.

There was no profession of storyteller in ancient Egypt as there was in some of the other African civilizations. In ancient Egypt, everyone told stories.

Some of the stories below were written in modern times about ancient Egypt, and some are very, very old. (Interactives using flash have been removed.)

The Red Slippers - an ancient Egyptian Cinderella story (retold by Lin Donn)

Poor, Poor Soldier (retold by Lin Donn)

The Doomed Prince (ancient Egyptian fairytale)

Adventure on the Nile - interactive

The Hour Watcher

The Old Master Scribe

Life in Two Families

Rameses II - The Battle

The Story of Temples

Ancient Egyptian Tall Tales (old stories and scary superstitions!)

Ancient Egyptian Myths

Egyptian Storybook for Kids - Many old stories and fairytales starring animals that could be found in ancient Egypt!

The Mummy Case

Interactive GAMES about Ancient Egypt