Stump the Audience, Classroom Group Activity for Ancient Egypt Illustration

Stump the Audience
Classroom Activity for Ancient Egypt

Lesson Plan, Classroom Group Activity: 1-2 class periods
This lesson follows a study of daily life, or can be used as review.

Activity: Wrong Statements – Correct Statements

Place Wrong Statements – Correct Statements on the overhead, white board, or blackboard. (See below)

Show one sentence at a time. You can create the statements from the true-false responses below, but we listed them at the end of this page. Allow kids to shout out their answers, but limit your statements to 10 or less, or things might become too noisy for nearby classrooms. This is a quick activity. It's purpose is to set up Stump the Audience, the group activity below.

  1. True
  2. False, no glasses
  3. False, no bicycle
  4. True
  5. False, wrong animals – they would be looking for crocks and hippos
  6. False, no tractor
  7. False, no sugar
  8. False, no bank
  9. False, no graveyard
  10. False, no cars

Activity: Stump the Audience

  • Move students into their groups.
  • Each group will have a few minutes (or as long as you choose) to create 5 sentences designed to “Stump the Audience.”
  • In turn, each group will read their statements to the class, one statement at a time, to see if the class can guess if they are true or false.
  • If you teach multiple classes in the same classroom, have your students post their questions but not their answers on the wall. Create a bulletin board heading: TRUE OR FALSE?

Suggested Wrong Statements – Correct Statements

Pharaoh stood in the doorway and admired his modern city.

The queen took off her glasses as she put on her makeup.

The young boy ate his figs as he bicycled down the road to the pyramid.

The young girl admired the pretty clothes in the market.

The children swimming in the Nile kept an eye out for lions and tigers.

The farmer sweated in the hot sun as his tractor plowed the field.

The baker sprinkled sugar on the doughnuts he made for Pharaoh.

The merchant counted his change on the way to the bank.

The priest laughed as he prepared the pharaoh’s body for burial in the graveyard.

Pharaoh looked at his new car with pride.